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September 27th, 2021 by Steve

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September 21st, 2021 by Steve
Opening with Covid?

Yes we are cautiously re-opening but there is much to consider.

1) The pandemic is not over, we re-open with it still a worrying threat.

2) The club hall is limited to a maximum attendance of 100

3) If you intend attending a club night please do not do so if you have any of the well publicised symptoms of Covid, or a raised temperature.

4) For your safety and others, maintain social distances.

5) While not obligatory, please wear a mask.

6) Please do not que closely in enclosed spaces, e.g. the entrance hall or for refreshments.

7) Keep the distance set with seating unless you are moving your chairs together in your ‘day to day’ domestic bubble group.

8) Please if you wish to chat with friends do so in the outside open air.

9) For your safety, refreshments will be directed at the interval, biscuits are a pre packed and sealed. The choice is limited to the variety available on the night. You will be offered biscuits with your collected beverage.

10) A record will be kept of all attendees and contact made if the club becomes aware of potential exposure of any member or guests to the Covid virus through their attendance at a club concert. To enable this visitors on a club night will be required to complete a contact form.

11) It is necessary to better ventilate so with hall doors and windows open please ensure you are comfortably dressed. 

12) If you are able, at the end of the concert please add your chair to a stack of up to 10 chairs. This will greatly assist those members who clear the hall.

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October 29th, 2019 by Steve

Concert review 28th October 2019 Chris Jones

We must thank Chris for stepping in at the last minute to replace David Lingwood who was unable to attend. Chris brought a Yamaha AR100 organ (personally customised) plus Ketron SD40 Expander Module, used for additional sounds and Rhythms. He provided a full concert with comprehensive variety and while perhaps we take for granted that all our attending artistes are accomplished, we should recognise that Chris at ‘the drop of a hat’ put together a professional evening of entertainment for us. He very much settled in by the second half and the music provided after the interval was even more rounded and entertaining, His humour – camp brought a smile and not a ‘little titter’ as Frankie Howard would say.

1st Half Everything is in rhythm with my heart, Put on a happy face, Somewhere out there, I only have eyes for you, Im in the mood for love, sleepy time girl, Liberty bell march, Sheep may safely graze, me & my teddy bear, the teddy bears picnic, portrait of my love, (Matt Monroe) walk away, someone to watch over me, time after time, say wonderful things to you, (Sung by CHRIS). If I were a rich man, match maker, yellow river, A time for us, Feelings, TV theme selection, I could have danced all night,

2nd Half Orange coloured sky, Any dream will do, Oh bla dee Oh bla da, Deep in the heart of Texas, On the way to San Francisco, roundup, your the cream in my coffee. Chris was called for an encore for which he played. Ethel Merman’s – I’ve got the sun

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October 27th, 2019 by Steve

Visiting us 28th October 2019 Chris Jones

Chris’s interest in music began at 11 with piano he moved to the electronic organ at 13 and by the time he was 14 he was performing for Orpington organ society and his school. Later work found him a role as Deputy organist at the Streatham Ice rink. In 1985 Chris met David Lingwood at the first Caister Keyboard Festival and then after he turned professional. He has played for many societies all over Britain and at most major festivals. In 1991 he worked as Showroom Manager for Wersi at their UK headquarters in Purley in 1994 for GIG Sounds in Streatham, South London in 1995 at Rose-Morris in the West End. In 1996 he was offered the job as Manager of Roland Friday Keyboards, but in January 1997 Roland Friday sold the retail business to Music Land.  Chris continues to work for them on a part time basis with David Harrild.
Chris’s musical tastes cover a broad spectrum, though he is particularly keen on Musicals, Marches, Romantic Ballads and Latin American.  

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September 26th, 2018 by Steve

Concert Review – 24th September 2018 David Thomas


Our September evening concert with David Thomas brought with it the beginnings of autumn. The nights were drawing in again and memories of the very hot days of summer 2018 were fading. David brought his own projector and cameras, he was as we were to find out, accomplished not only with the instrument he played but with manipulating  modern media to enhance his musical performance. Between the pieces he played David told us a little about the instrument he played, the development of the genre, and history of the Hammond organ. As he played the screen was projected with not only his hands on the keyboard but superimposed with amusing relevant and entertaining video clips. At one stage we watched and heard Acker Bilk play Strangers on the shore, David provided the live accompaniment to the recording. His encore took the unexpected form of a sung duet. From High society, we saw on the screen Bing Crosby singing and beside the screen was David singing Frank Sinatra’s part of the duet. Overall it was an entertaining evening. Some of the music played by David included; Face the music and dance, a lovely
way to spend an evening, Forever and ever, raining in my heart, somewhere over the rainbow, a medley by Neil Sedaker, A medley in the style of the Hammond organ. Lady and the tramp, welcome to my world, Dusty Springfield’s – downtown, Pachelbel’s canon, Strangers on the shore. The second half of the evening began with a march ‘the PHOS mach, composed by David. Followed by ain’t misbehaving, perhaps perhaps perhaps, Smile though your heart is breaking, the entertainer, A medley of dance music, hello dolly, The stripper, The hustle and the encore from High society.


David played a Roland AT100 organ with patches from the bigger AT900C

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March 28th, 2018 by Steve

Concert Review 26th March 2018 – Dirkjan Ranzijn

Dirk, as he suggested we call him, arrived… He had just made the journey from Holland  to perform for us. His character like the instrument he brought with him was much larger than life. We had an evening of great entertainment with a wacky sense of humour made all the more amusing because of the constant distorted translation from Dutch to English.

Dirk brought the audience into his performance and encouraged participation. We were rocking in our seats and some even found themselves jumping out of them at times or waving arms in the air to make the letters YMCA. The music we heard was a very accomplished performance and with the requested encore ran slightly overtime. Many rose to their feet at the end of the performance.

Amongst the music we listened to were;  Beautiful noise, Lugarno (A piece composed by Dirk whilst in Switzerland) Bizet Carmen, Standing by, Valerie, Spirit of Norway,  Willie Nelsons, “On the road again”. A medley from Grease, A rock and roll selection, because we believe, A Latin American selection, the Snow Waltz, Tequila sunrise, that will be the day, YMCA, Tulips from Amsterdam. Bless Em All, Unforgettable, and A medley from Les Miserables.

The encore was itself a medley of many other pieces.


Dirk’s instrument was a Bohm Sinfonia 480

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