Opening with Covid

Opening with Covid?

Yes we are cautiously re-opening but there is much to consider.

1) The pandemic is not over, we re-open with it still a worrying threat.

2) The club hall is limited to a maximum attendance of 100

3) If you intend attending a club night please do not do so if you have any of the well publicised symptoms of Covid, or a raised temperature.

4) For your safety and others, maintain social distances.

5) While not obligatory, please wear a mask.

6) Please do not que closely in enclosed spaces, e.g. the entrance hall or for refreshments.

7) Keep the distance set with seating unless you are moving your chairs together in your ‘day to day’ domestic bubble group.

8) Please if you wish to chat with friends do so in the outside open air.

9) For your safety, refreshments will be directed at the interval, biscuits are a pre packed and sealed. The choice is limited to the variety available on the night. You will be offered biscuits with your collected beverage.

10) A record will be kept of all attendees and contact made if the club becomes aware of potential exposure of any member or guests to the Covid virus through their attendance at a club concert. To enable this visitors on a club night will be required to complete a contact form.

11) It is necessary to better ventilate so with hall doors and windows open please ensure you are comfortably dressed. 

12) If you are able, at the end of the concert please add your chair to a stack of up to 10 chairs. This will greatly assist those members who clear the hall.

September 21st, 2021 by