Concert Dates 2024

Concert Date 2024
Artiste Click’ for detail
23-Jan-24 Chris Jones
27-Feb-24 Andrew Nix
26-Mar-24 Pete Shaw
23-Apr-24 Claire Greig
28-May-24 Jon Smith
25-Jun-24 Matthew Bason
23-Jul-24 Michael Wooldridge
27-Aug-24 Lewis Scott
24-Sep-24 Steve Hubble
22-Oct-24 Tony Stace
19-Nov-24 Brett Wales
10-Dec-24 David Thomas

2024 Entrance fee – £5 for members & £7 for visitors

Annual membership From January 2024 £8 single, £12 for a couple living at the same address. Then £5 Entrance on the door.
Non member – Visitors paying on the door £7 each.  
December 28th, 2023 by Steve