Artiste – Chris Powell


Credit Photo – Organfax

Chris Powell

Chris Born in Manchester in 1971, emigrated to New Zealand with his parents when  2 only to return aged 5. His education and formative years spent growing up in Lancashire. He developed a love of music and engaged with the piano and organ. At 14 he was fulfilling a string of engagements for both local concerts and dances. Age18 he had successfully auditioned and joined the team of organists playing at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool. His talent now recognised lead to a series of invitations performing at electronic and pipe organ venues. Additionally he worked as a demonstrator for several manufacturers including Farfisa, Orla and Roland.

Chris’s talent took him performing abroad. After a month long concert in New Zealand in 1996 he was offered and took up the post there of Resident Organist at the ‘Baycourt Theatre’ in Tauranga. International fame has taken Chris performing overseas in concert tours including Holland, Australia and the US. 2021 was his 17th  tour of New Zealand and his 10th of Australia.

He married fellow artiste Joanne and the couple live in the Lincolnshire town of Gainsborough.  Both recently became trustees at the London Musical Museum in Brentford, the home of the ex Regal, Kingston Wurlitzer.

Their other appointments; Joanne is the secretary and Chris Chairman of the Gainsborough organ and keyboard club.  Chris has been President since 2002 of the Lincoln Electronic Organ Society. In tonight’s performance we may see both Chris and Joanne in concert together.

Chris & Joanne’s Website – link

December 29th, 2023 by Steve