Concert date

Concert Status

22nd November 2021

with – Chris Stanbury 

Yes – Concert night

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Tentatively concerts are now running again, there are common publicised Covid restrictions in place. Additionally the club requests attending audiences continue to wear a face mask. 

 At present for simplicity and safety, entrance fees will be £5 for both members and guests.

Please pay with the exact money to avoid change handling.

Anyone who was a member as at March 2020, their membership remains active without further charge until 2022 renewal. Membership renewals will be sought in January 2022 applying the pre -Covid standard admission fees for guests and members.

Guests will need to complete a slip with contact details for Covid tracking purposes, members will be recorded on the tick sheet as usual. It would be helpful if you are able to quote your membership number. 

 The committee will do everything possible to ensure your safety. Chairs will be spaced further apart than in the past, though couples etc can move them together, hand gel will be provided. Whilst we cannot enforce mask wearing, it would be appreciated if you can do so, especially when entering and when not seated. Please where possible keep a safe distance from others at all times.

Windows and Ventilation.

It is necessary to better ventilate so with hall doors and windows open please ensure you are comfortably dressed. 

by Steve Morl