Artiste – Michael Wooldridge

Credit Photo – Organ fax

In 1980 Michael won the ATOS UK Young Theatre Organist of the Year Competition.

From then his music career developed, he travelled a great deal; in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Ireland, Dubai and Australia.

Michael’s repertoire includes many styles, his concert programmes filled with popular music of many styles, orchestral, big band, shows, theatre organ, classical, rock and roll to mention but a few. He is a show producer, he has staged touring shows, summer seasons and pintos’ throughout the UK.  Michael worked alongside names such as Supersonic Syd Little, Crackerjack and Good Morning Sunday’s Don Maclean, stars of the Black and White Minstrel Show, piano entertainer Bobby Crush, master magician Paul Daniels, Jimmy Cricket and Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana.

Michaels career led him to spend three years as electronic organ tutor for Sussex University.  And at time of writing he is a private tutor and is the principal tutor at the Rye Wurlitzer Academy.

His largest audience was perhaps a potential 5 Million live listeners on BBC 2’s Radio show, ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’, he was also a regular on the well known radio show, The organist entertains, and played in the presence of British royalty.

He has a range of different organs, digital pianos and keyboards, presently touring with a bespoke Roland organ, with a three manual Atelier which is not only an instrument in its own right but also as the console controlling a range of Virtual Pipe Organs including the Paramount series of Wurlitzer organs from the 3/10 through to the 50. the 3/12 Barton of Detroit’s Redford Theatre and the Lavender Audio samples of the Binns Organ at the Old Independent Church in Haverhill.

November 1st, 2022 by Steve