Artiste – Alex Payler

Alex Payler

Classically trained yet his style includes classical, jazz, film and pop, Alex demonstrates his versatility in every performance large or small, every piece is completely his own original work – scored, arranged and all played live at every performance. Awarded early in his career in 1997 he won the National Electronic Organist of the Year competition.

In the UK at least, Alex is constantly fighting against an out of date image of the instrument he plays…

“The general person on the street has no idea.  The ‘Organ’ has an almost humorous and corny image in this country.  It doesn’t seem be taken seriously anymore, not in the same way as piano perhaps.  In JAPAN – the Electone’s home country – it’s a very different story.” 

Alex’s instrument is the YAMAHA Electone Stagea ELS-02C. He was the first professional player to import this instrument into the UK, and is now a leading exponent of this particular model. The Stagea ELS-02C is at the apex of technological innovation and along with its cutting-edge design, is a most musically expressive electronic instrument.

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December 29th, 2023 by Steve