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March 28th, 2022 by Steve Morl

Tony Stace

Tony started playing the organ aged nine, his father owned a Hammond T500 which was his pride a joy. Tony showed promise and tuition was arranged. For his 11th birthday Tony asked his parents to let him play a concert. His parents made the arrangements and Tony played to an audience of 100 friends and family, a well applauded success. At 13 Tony received an Elka E49 from his parents who continued to provided support and encouragement. A string successful appearances and competition wins both Nationally and internationally ensued. Tony’s dedication has made him today’s professional, together with Andrew Nix they are running Festivals under the banner ‘Topnote Events’  

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December 14th, 2021 by Steve Morl

Andrew Nix, born  near Selby, North Yorkshire, he is both a musician and an entertainer with a varied musical repertoire and broad Yorkshire humour..

At ten Andrew‘s revealed an interest in organs. His mother had an organ at home and Andrew sat and learned several Christmas carols despite it being midsummer His parents saw his potential and arranged lessons for him. Despite his two teachers he developed a style of his own style.

On leaving school Andrew was offered three nights a week playing in a local club where he accompanied artistes and played for the dancers. This was a good grounding that prove helpful and the 17 year old Andrew was was appointed Organist and Musical Director for a Theatre Group performing at Butlins, Barry Island. He enjoyed this position and whilst in it gained experience and confidence. After three further seasons with Butlins and one for Haven Holidays Andrew became fully freelance. He was increasingly in demand for concerts and dances nation-wide on both Theatre and Electronic organs.

In May 2000 Andrew started performing on a Roland Atelier and now presently tours with the AT900c. Theatre organ sounds are an asset to Andrew’s programme, from Ballads to Latin, Marches to Musicals, Andrew is one of the busiest performers on the circuit performing light hearted shows with a wide range of musical tastes.

He and his good friend Tony Stace are now firmly established as festival organisers. Trading as Topnote Events

Credit – info and photo – Organ Fax.

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Elizabeth Harrison
April 1st, 2020 by Steve Morl

Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth Harrison born December 1976 just outside Preston, Lancashire. She has established herself on the concert circuit not only as a musician but also as an entertainer. Her varied musical repertoire along with her cheerful Lancashire humour has made her one of the country’s favourite performers.

‘Elizabeth’s performances are full of life and expression and her choice of music is interesting with lots of variety. Not a note of sheet music in sight. She loves every minute and feels right at home on stage’. Says Organfax

Elizabeth was last with us on a warm summer evening 26th June 2017. We were treated then to a talented performance of varied styles and musicale genres punctuated with farming humour and stories of her love of tractors.

Elizabeth’s instrument then was a Roland ATELIER Combo AT-350C with Pedal board and a “Tower Organ in a box” module.

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Mark Thompson -- click link to hear him play
March 13th, 2020 by Steve Morl

Mark Thompson

Mark’s playing of the Electronic organ began at age seven. He joined the Technics Academy at nine; He worked his way through his grades whilst along the way entering local competitions and reached the area finals in 1999.  Mark was a pupil of Chiho Sunamato at the Yamaha School of Music; and was performing in concerts by the age of fifteen. Mark then travelled the UK and abroad playing the Yamaha EL90 for organ societies, festivals and private functions. In 2002 Mark won the ‘Young Theatre Organist of the Year’ competition and has subsequently performed on many of the UK’s most prodigious theatre organs. Mark also plays in a 60s and 70s band, ‘Wallstreet’, on keyboards and providing backing vocals, he is also the musical director or rehearsal pianist for many North East musical theatre societies. Mark’s other works include that of, vocal coach, accompanist or Music Director for many North East stage schools, and musical theatre colleges in both Blackpool and Leeds. Mark plays ‘cocktail piano’ at hotels and restaurants across the North East, also for weddings throughout the year. He plays with ‘The Fab Dakers Boys’ jazz band at Newcastle United’s football ground, ‘St. James’ Park’, and features in the ‘The Ratpack Vegas Spectacular’ band, for shows at theatres around the country.

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