Andrew Nix

Andrew Nix, born  near Selby, North Yorkshire, he is both a musician and an entertainer with a varied musical repertoire and broad Yorkshire humour..

At ten Andrew‘s revealed an interest in organs. His mother had an organ at home and Andrew sat and learned several Christmas carols despite it being midsummer His parents saw his potential and arranged lessons for him. Despite his two teachers he developed a style of his own style.

On leaving school Andrew was offered three nights a week playing in a local club where he accompanied artistes and played for the dancers. This was a good grounding that prove helpful and the 17 year old Andrew was was appointed Organist and Musical Director for a Theatre Group performing at Butlins, Barry Island. He enjoyed this position and whilst in it gained experience and confidence. After three further seasons with Butlins and one for Haven Holidays Andrew became fully freelance. He was increasingly in demand for concerts and dances nation-wide on both Theatre and Electronic organs.

In May 2000 Andrew started performing on a Roland Atelier and now presently tours with the AT900c. Theatre organ sounds are an asset to Andrew’s programme, from Ballads to Latin, Marches to Musicals, Andrew is one of the busiest performers on the circuit performing light hearted shows with a wide range of musical tastes.

He and his good friend Tony Stace are now firmly established as festival organisers. Trading as Topnote Events

Credit – info and photo – Organ Fax.

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