Concert review – Andrew Nix 2022-08-23

Concert review – Andrew Nix 2022-08-23

Saved in the ‘NIX’ of time! Yes the concert that so nearly wasn’t. Our Artiste for the afternoon, Elizabeth Harrison, had her vehicle breakdown on the M6 travelling down to Mountnessing. She with Andrew Nix arranged for him to attend and provide us with what transpired to be an entertaining and seamless performance. Our thanks to them both for ensuring our members had a concert to enjoy. Andrew’s concert was full of musical variety and laughter along the way. Particularly polished and inspirational was Andrews arrangement of Les Miserables.

From the first half

A selection of marches, When you’re smiling, Forgotten Dreams, Johnny be
good, At the hop, 70s medley inc-. Tie a yellow ribbon, Save your kisses for
me, Always on my mind, Rocking all over the world, YMCA. Les Miserables,
Money can’t buy you love, All my love, Yesterday, Hey Jude

From The second half.

Abba Mama Mia medley, Take Five (Dave Brubeck) Four in the morning,
Three coins in the fountain, Got to pick a pocket or two, One moment in time, A Russ Conway medley, ( Side saddle, China tea ) Armor, Kiss me, Morning in Cornwall, Flick Flack Polka, A Medley of Walter Donaldson Music, Making whoopee, Yes that’s my baby.

Encore – A medley of Latin music.

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