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January 28th, 2019 by Steve Morl

Concert 25th January 2019 –   Elizabeth Harrison

It was a cold winter’s night not at all like the last time we were visited by Elizabeth on a warm summer’s night in 2017.  Our January night concert was attended by an audience of 54. Elizabeth began by introducing herself as a farmer, a driver of big machines and goods vehicles. We learned about Cows, how they order themselves singularly for milking and we learned that Elizabeth and her boyfriend, also a farmer, whom previously we heard about in 2017, were no longer 26 miles apart…? This brought an amused chuckle from the audience.  The evening was to be punctuated by her delightful and light sense of humour delivered with an accent that somehow seemed so right for a farmer.  And so the music started for an audience already amused. Unusually, Elizabeth performed facing us; throughout the evening she punctuated her performance with facial expressions that were themselves quite entertaining.

As before her music was silky smooth. Elizabeth is an accomplished entertainer with a performance repertoire that included something for everyone. Amongst the evenings music were the following;  A selection of waltzes, Housewives choice, Blaze away, Pack up your troubles, when you’re smiling, Run rabbit Run, My old man said follow the van, Hello Dolly, A selection of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, Non Stop – original ITN news theme,

Contemplating & Remember Chiho Sunamoto, Elizabeth dedicated and played – If I loved you

Elizabeth continued with, When Irish eyes are smiling, A selection of Scottish themes, Runaway, Prelude in a classic style, From Nicholas & Alexandra ‘to beautiful to last, Here in my heart, I could have danced all night, we’ll meet again. Elizabeth was re-called for an encore, The theme from the Battle of Britain Film concluding the evening to rapturous applause.


Elizabeth’s instrument was a Roland AT350C Dual Keyboard and pedals, plus the new Theatre Organ in a box V3

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November 28th, 2018 by Steve Morl

Concert Review – 26th November 2018 – Steve Allison



Sadly due to the untimely passing of Chiho Sunamoto the club was at a loss for an artiste to perform at our concert of the 26th November until Steve Allison revealed that he was available for the evening.

Steve gave us a night of music that was distinctly his own. Very much he seemed to favour ‘marches’ and if you were a lover of this style then it would have been your night. There was though variety but each segment of the evening contained music that Steve had no doubt deliberately grouped, due to perhaps, being able to maintain a tempo or backing. However the evening contained music that at some point would have appealed to all. Without him we would have been turning all away at the door. So a big thank you to Steve for entertaining us for the evening.

Some of the music we heard included.

A medley to commemorate WW1 The songs of the troops. ‘If’, A quick step medley in the style of the tower ballroom. One moment in time, A selection of ‘Spanish holiday music’ Angel in blue,. Misty, Unforgettable, Games lovers play. Barbaretta  march, (Bridge to far) A selection of waltz’s, A samba, Oh my beloved father, Theme from the battle of Britain, aces high, Every thing I do, Solitaire.

Steve was recalled to provide an encore for which he produced a medley music in an ‘Um- Pah’ style.

All in all . Our thanks to Steve who rescued the evening.

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October 28th, 2018 by Steve Morl

Concert Review – 24th October 2018 – Tony Stace


Maybe Tony’s reputation preceded him; it must have been a good one? His concert brought a welcome 20 extra guests along too. Tony produced an evening of entertaining music and perpetual humour. His audience found themselves frequently participating, at times clapping along with the music, swaying in their seats and singing too.

Tony played his trusted 32 year old Yamaha HX1 organ, one of 8 he owns, though he tried his hardest to sell it to us, along with his CDs and his wife’s cakes.

As usual Tony told us exactly how long the next piece would take. We had 8 minutes (with the option of a shorter medley if we didn’t like it) of the HX voices turned off and all the sounds coming from an attached midi “Theatre Organ in a Box”. Tony hinted that he might pack up touring in 2020, but would carry on doing the Organ Holiday Breaks with Andrew Nix. After a sign along medley for his “last” piece, he ended on an encore medley of patriotic British songs.

At the end of the evening the performance had drawn quite a few to their feet to applaud.

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August 22nd, 2018 by Steve Morl

Concert Review 20th August 2018 – Mike Hall


It was the last concert of the summer for the year and we welcomed Mike Hall who opened the evening with a Jungle Book medley. We had to agree it was some years since he had played for us, a fact that he didn’t fail to point out. Mike is an advocate of the Orla range of Instruments and with him he brought two, the GT8000 and a smaller portable keyboard the KX10. During the evening he made a point of talking about these instruments and their abilities. No doubt instruments enthusiasts appreciated the detail. His music, as we would expect included variety of style and form, this of course means you cannot please all the people all of the time. Overall it was a good evening’s entertainment. We listened to the music he produced and when Mike offered to play whichever instrument, we the audience preferred, it was obvious most of us were quite surprised by what we were hearing from the smaller portable KX10, an impressive instrument, It was called for time and again. At least two members of the audience have since gone looking for one themselves.

Some of Mike’s music included.  A jungle book medley, Take a chance on love, A big Band Gershwin Medley, a ‘Pipe’ organ medley, Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ ‘Eye level’ from Van der  Valk, ‘Thinking about the things we used to do’, Smokey and the bandit – eastbound and down, The Candy man, The Kyle of lochalsh, Psalm 23, Dream – Johnny Mercer,  Mack & Mabel – I won’t send roses, 76 Trombones in the hit parade, A rock and role medley, The Odd couple.

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