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June 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Visiting us on 26th June 2017 is   Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth Harrison (also known as Liz) born 1st December 1976 just outside Preston, Lancashire, has established herself on the concert circuit not only as a musician but also as an entertainer. Her varied musical repertoire along with her cheerful Lancashire humour has made her one of the country’s favourite performers.

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May 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Visiting us on 22 May 2017     Nicholas Martin B.E.M


Nick’s musical career started when he first studied the piano at nine years of age. He began to take a keen interest in the organ shortly afterwards.

During a family visit to Blackpool, in 1969 (at the age of five), he overheard the Wurlitzer organ being played in the famous Tower Ballroom by none other than “Mr Blackpool” – Reginald Dixon. Upon hearing the sound of this unique organ, Nick was totally smitten – in fact, he never quite got over it! Subsequently, after he started learning to play the organ, at age eleven, it became his driving ambition to perform at this famous venue.

Extract from Nick Martin’s BIO on Organfax


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April 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Visiting us on 24th April 2017 is   Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts was born in Warrington, UK in 1960. In his formative years, he studied the piano, classical organ and clarinet. Whilst reading Economic History at Liverpool University he also successfully completed several music diplomas. His tutors have included Noel Rawsthorne (Cathedral and City Organist of Liverpool) and Arthur Hutchings (formerly Professor of Music at Durham University).

For well over thirty years Paul has been a consistently prominent name in the keyboard world. A regular broadcaster in the U.K. (including the BBC) and internationally, Paul has also appeared on TV in the U.K. and the USA and has been a prolific writer for music journals.

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March 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Visiting us 27th March 2017 Ryan Edwards

Concert organist, Ryan Edwards, was born in Derbyshire on February 4th, 1978. Having developed a passion for organs at an early age, through the influence of his grandfather, an amateur organist, Ryan embarked on his first electronic organ lessons at the tender age of eight on an old Gulbranson organ.

extract from Ryan Edwards bio on Organ fax

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