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September 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Artiste – 25th September 2017 Alex Payler

Alex’s performance instrument is the state of the art YAMAHA Electone Stagea ELS-02C. As well as being the first pro-player to import this very special instrument into the UK, he is now one of the leading exponents of this particular model in the world. The state of the art Stagea ELS-02C is at the apex of technological innovation and along with its cutting-edge design, is by far the most musically expressive electronic instrument created in the world today.  Check out Alex’s YouTube Channel for special live performances…

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August 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Artiste – visiting us 21th August 2017 – David Harrild


First lessons
At the age of 9, his parents bought him his first organ which was a Bontempi from Woolworth’s, unfortunately his persistent practising on the Bontempi stretched his parents tolerance until they could stand no more, so he was given the option of attending lessons and a new organ.

Throw Away The Books
After 1 year’s tuition, he decided that he would throw away the teaching books and play by ear. At least that way, he could progress to more exciting material other than “Merrily We Roll Along”.

Through the years
Through the years David was inspired by  his idol, Harry Stoneham, this encouraged him to form his Trio that consisted of  Drums, Tenor Sax and Organ. The Trio become familiar  faces  with local  Working Men’s Clubs, Bowls Clubs and then on to Masonic Ladies Festivals, Social Evenings and Dinner Dances.

Ability to play by ear
Many of you who have heard David in concert will know that he never carries music with him. David’s concerts are performed by his ability to play by ear. This ability enables him to choose his material, listen to it once or twice and then play it. David is now known around the country for performing at Music Festivals, Dinner Dance, Masonic Functions, Organ and Keyboard Clubs.


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July 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Artiste – visiting us 24th July 2017 is Matthew Bason


Matthew Bason

Matthew Bason’s performance career commenced in 1994; he worked at a variety of venues as both a pianist and organist. His initial solo recital of 1994 was at, Hadlow Down, East Sussex.

Mathew was both working and a student of Reading University, graduating with a B.A. (Ed) Honours degree in Music and Education in 2002.

Matthews’s reputation has become international; he has performed in mainland Europe, U.S.A., and Canada.  The rest of his time is devoted to teaching and performing across the U.K

1994 to 2004 he was Resident Pianist at Sopwell House, St. Albans, where he played as a solo jazz pianist.

2000 to 2003 he was Resident Musician at Ashorne Hall, Warwick, where he played the Compton and Wurlitzer Theatre Organs, Piano and Yamaha HX-1, as part of the “Mighty Cinema Organ Show”

Matthew held residencies as a pianist and piano-vocalist at variety of venues over a period of six years in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, concluding with The Savoy, Rubens and Connaught Hotels in London

In 2005, Matthew produced the “One-Man Musical Variety Shows”.  These shows were performed on a Roland AT350c Organ, Yamaha P105 Piano, Weiltmeister Accordion and Vocals.  The shows continue to travel around the U.K. for both private and public audiences.

In May 2014, Matthew became the concert artiste and demonstrator for Allen Organs U.K. He launched the new Q315T organ at the Blackpool Organ and Keyboard Festival.

In September 2015, Matthew joined a team of organists at ‘The Scarborough Fair Collection’; there he entertains visitors to the museum collection on the Mighty Wurlitzer organ.

Beside his organ music, Matthew is pianist in the jazz quartet “JazzEssence” and jazz band “Lula Jazz”.  He is also Organist of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Wellingborough.


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June 1st, 2017 by Steve Morl

Visiting us on 26th June 2017 is   Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth Harrison (also known as Liz) born 1st December 1976 just outside Preston, Lancashire, has established herself on the concert circuit not only as a musician but also as an entertainer. Her varied musical repertoire along with her cheerful Lancashire humour has made her one of the country’s favourite performers.

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